What our clients are saying


Danielle Framarz


Dorian's work and skill level is just out of this world; he is exceptionally talented!

Not only is Dorian so kind and enthusiastic in nature, he is so much fun to work with! He took the initiative to introduce himself to my vendors and bridal party prior to our wedding day. He really cares about making your day as special and as perfect as possible.


He went to great lengths to capture the perfect moments and it was so delightful to witness his creativity as he worked. Dorian and his team are super professional, easy going, charismatic, and immensely skillful. 


My guests were so impressed by simply watching the way he worked! That was before they were blown out of the water by our highlight video. All of our family and friends said that our video looked like a romantic trailer to a cinema movie. It was absolutely perfect and incredible. I am so grateful that I had the two of them! They captured our most special day and translated it into a masterpiece that will last us a lifetime.




"Choosing Seaglass Studios was by far one of the best, if not the best, decision we made during the entire wedding planning process!

The process leading up to the wedding was stress-free and Dorian was wonderful to work with. The final product, our wedding video, was not only beautifully done, but it is a lasting series of memories from our wedding that we will cherish and share with family and friends for the rest of our lives. I would highly recommend Seaglass Studios to any couple!

Laira Joseph




Lizzie & Rhys


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"Dorian's work simply speaks for itself. He is the BEST at what he does! 


He was absolutely wonderful to work with...he was so calming and professional. Our wedding video was a masterpiece. We're constantly showing it off & are excited to visit with people who haven't seen it yet so we have an excuse to watch the video again. Everyone always has the same reaction - "It's like a movie, I've never seen anything like it!!"


Dorian truly captured the magic of our wedding day & we couldn't be more pleased with the product."


Thank you!

Jessica Mike